Consultancy Services

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Web Systems

If you need a web development to meet the specific needs of your business. We give effective solutions with custom web development end to end.

Native Systems

For something graphical or processor intensive, you'd want to work at the desktop level. Moreover, if you need faster software, hardware access, and work without internet connection most of the time, a desktop application is what you need.

Mobile Apps - Android

The development of mobile applications provides instant access to contents or solutions without having to search on Internet, because once installed can generally be used without a connection to the network. An app can be defined as a light and practical gadget specifically designed to facilitate the use of one or several tools.

Search Engines

This is critical if your business has online presence. We apply strategies that take you to the top in searches for potential buyers and customers are able to find you faster.


We work with strategy and dedication to position your company and place it in the top of mind of your target audience. We use social media, social adds and we can design to you a great digital campaign.

Social Media

The use of social networks are vital for a good digital marketing plan work, and this is then expressed in new customers. We apply target analysis, management and creating communities that generate engagement and increase sales. We choose relevant social networks for each company, according to their objectives.

Agile Coaching

Our Agile Development Solution provides quick and continuous delivery of valuable software to our clients. We also provide supporting services coaching your company in the best Agile Practices.

Business Analysis Services

Our senior business analysts are able to provide consultancy services on:

●Project Initiation and Scoping

●Business Case Development

●Requirements Gathering, Elicitation & Quality Review

●Data Modelling

●Process Modelling

●Business Implementation

We can provide additional resource to your existing team or we can provide 'at-the-desk' coaching during key project milestones to help your team meet their goals.


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  • ⦿WOG GYM

    The Workout Gadget

    WOG GYM is a gadget for the people who wants to improve their lifes through exercise. Start your bodybuilding today.

  • ⦿WOG Home

    The Workout Gadget

    WOG Home is a gadget for the people who wants to improve their life through exercise at home.

  • ⦿N-Coding

    Bytes, Hex, Num, Alpha & Encryption

    Supported operations: ⦿Bytes <--------> Alphanumeric, ⦿Bytes <--------> Numeric, ⦿Bytes <--------> Hexadecimal, ⦿Alphanumeric <--------> Numeric, ⦿Alphanumeric <--------> Hexadecimal, ⦿Alphanumeric <--------> N-Coding Encryption & ⦿Numeric <--------> Hexadecimal


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Mobile Apps

WOG Home

Mobile Apps


Mobile Apps

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